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January 30, 2008
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Doop the Tree

Wee One: What a beautiful day to climb a tree. This unravels the muse within me.

Doop the Tree: Doop, doop, doop…

Wee One: Ah! What was that? Perhaps a fairy?! How delightful!

Doop the Tree: Doop, doop, doop…

Wee One: Perhaps the sky is leaking?

Doop the Tree: Doop, doop, doop…

Wee One: Uhm… Perhaps it is Onomatopoeia Day?

Doop the Tree: Nay! ‘Tis I! Doop!

Wee One: Ah! Marmalade skies! Who said that?!

Doop the Tree: Me! The tree! Doop the tree!

Wee One: Ah, I see. Good day, tree.

Doop the Tree: Gee, you’re kind to me.

Wee One: So, what’s it like being a tree?

Doop the Tree:  I enjoy it as I have no other experience being anything else…

Wee One: Ah… Why are you talking to me?

Doop the Tree: Well, if you do not wish to converse then I’ll stop my chattering!

Wee One: Okay.

Doop the Tree: You’re suppose to say, “Oh no! Keep talking!”

Wee One: I’m using reverse psychology so you’ll keep talking.

Doop the Tree: Right then… You’re a sly one. I’ll have to keep my eye on you.

Wee One: Whatever.

Doop the Tree: Ever what?

Wee One: No, sir!

Doop the Tree: I’m not sure why I’m talking to you. I suppose it was a spur of the moment kind of thing, you know?

Wee One: I guess.

Doop the Tree: It is a lovely day, isn’t it?

Wee One: It is, that’s why I decided to climb you.

Doop the Tree: Lovely days inspire people to climb on things? Interesting.

Wee One: Doop the Tree, do you know the meaning of life?

Doop the Tree: Manifest Destiny!

Wee One: Really?

Doop the Tree: No! Of course not! It is to achieve peace.

Wee One: Oh. How do you know about peace?

Doop the Tree: Through nature. Nature is peace.

Wee One: You are nature, so of course your opinion would be biased towards nature.

Doop the Tree: Biased? Have you a touch of mad?

Wee One: You can’t touch mad. And yes, you are biased.

Doop the Tree: Others agree with me.

Wee One: Alright then, I agree with you as well. It is peaceful, sitting here in your limbs…

Doop the Tree: You better not fall asleep! You’ll fall out and break your neck!

Wee One: That would be bad. I need my neck.

Doop the Tree: You do, don’t you? Without you cannot gaze at stars. Oh how I
love the stars!

Wee One: Thank you for this chat, Doop the Tree. We’ll have to do this again. I must go inside now. Good bye.

Doop the Tree: Right then. I’ll see you around. Toodles.

Wee One: Good bye.

Doop the Tree: Good bye!

Wee One: So long!

Doop the Tree: Au revoir!

Wee One: See ya later, alligator!

Doop the Tree: Take care!

Wee One: You too.

OH SNAP! And update that isn't a poem! WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS TRASH?! This trash is a dialoque story I did in creative writing and thought I'd share. Doop is... The tree. Wee One is the kid. :D I hope it's not too vulgar or obscene, I don't want calls from parents. Perhaps I should flag this obscenity? BAH! I DON"T CARE! BOAHAHAHAHH! Enjoy. Tell me what you think. :D
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Linkums Sep 9, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
This is what I expected all your writing to be like. lol I don't mean that in a bad way though, I was just surprised at how gloomy much of your writing is compared to your usually (apparently) cheerful personality.
I have to release my gloominess sometimes. There's two sides to everyone! I'm glad you read this and commented. Thank you.
Doop doop doop.
i could keep typing doop all day long
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